‘Queer Eye’: Jonathan Van Ness Breaks Down His Self-Care Routine

jonathan van ness self care routine
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Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has basically mastered self-care. And now he’s ready to share all his secrets.

Speaking with HelloGiggles, Jonathan (who uses the pronouns he/she/they) explained how to start your own ritual if you’re a self-care newb.

“Amazing self-care rituals and habits weren’t built in a day. So I think biting off attainable pieces of self-care at a time are really helpful. Don’t do everything at once.”

He added that you should start your self-care routine based on something you already do.

“If you are someone who is a daily tea drinker, for instance, instead of making your tea in the morning and then immediately jumping to your list of the day’s activities, maybe you could incorporate three minutes of sitting with yourself in quiet, just listening to your breath or doing some visualization—just doing some sort of mindfulness exercise or breathing exercise for three minutes maximum. Because really, the science around mindfulness says that the key is being able to do it daily. It’s better to do it every day for like three minutes than it is to do it once a week for like, 40 minutes.”

As for Jonathan’s personal self-care go-to’s?

“It would definitely involve British Baking Show, my cats, and, honestly, a gorgeous cup of Stress Less tea.”

(It’s worth noting that Jonathan recently became the ambassador for Lipton’s new Stress Less tea as a part of their wellness initiative.)

But anyone who follows JVN on Insta knows that there’s one more key to his stress-busting routine: yoga!

He recently told Well + Good,

“Yoga started as something I did to take care of my outside and stay in shape, but I realized it helped my insides too—more. It keeps me calm.”

He added,

“Yoga is so much about breathing. It’s linking movement with breath, and [it] doesn’t have to be fancy moves set to an Ariana Grande song.”

Jonathan is currently filming Queer Eye season 3 in Kansas City. In the meantime, rewatch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.


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