‘Grown-ish’: Yara Shahidi Reveals Her Skincare Routine

yara shahidi skincare routine
credit: ABC/Dario Calmese

It’s been a few years since Yara Shahidi came into the public eye as Zoey on Black-ish. And now that she’s used to the crazy schedules and events, she knows how to handle her skin and deal with occasional break-out.

Speaking with Teen Vogue, she dished on all her secrets in her skincare routine.

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1. Take care of your insides.

As Shahidi notes, skincare isn’t just about caring for the outside, it’s about your inside too! She says, “One general secret that I love is pressed juice for boosting whatever you’re doing in your skincare routine. So, I use that to try to clear my system if I feel like a breakout is correlated to something I ate or something that I’ve done that day. Ginger is key in making sure that I clear my digestive tract just to make sure that I’m treating it internally as well.”

2. It’s all about the deep cleaning.

Shahidi is a big fan of the deep cleanse. She says,

“For my skin, I cleanse really deeply, like I said before. Twice a week, I’ll do an exfoliator. The Clean & Clear version is nice because it has aloe and peppermint, which I really love because I’m an essential oils kind of gal! When you get those essential oils in there, you really do see and feel a difference and your skin just feels that rush of peppermint or aloe. Hydration is key, too, so I love to lotion. Our family has lotion in every room! Rosehip oil is another thing that I love for extra hydration.”

3. Get your routine down pat.

Skincare is all about practice, practice, practice. For Shahidi, that means sticking to the essentials. “I always do the Clean & Clear Makeup Wipes that help get off the day’s grime and makeup. When I get home and I’m getting ready for bed, I like to use the Triple Clear Bubble Foam Cleanser. It’s fantastic because I need something that’s really gentle for my sensitive skin, but still really effective.


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