Meet Lunette: The Period Brand Crushing Taboos

lunette menstrual cup
credit: Lunette/Instagram

Nowadays, there are a ton of period companies dedicated to activism and fighting the stigma of menstruation. But when menstrual cup brand Lunette was founded in 2004, they were pretty much the only ones.

The international company has basically built period-positivity into its DNA. Since 2004, they’ve donated more than 30,000 cups to those in period poverty and launched numerous campaigns addressing the taboos surrounding menstruation.

Lunette founder Heli Kurjanen told Femestella,

“Lunette’s mission has been focused on changing attitudes about periods. We feel nobody should feel ashamed of them and nobody should miss a chance because of them.”

Lunette has also been “woke” before it was even a thing and has included menstruating humans of all genders in their marketing materials. Heli explained,

“We were one of the first period brands to show various shapes, sizes, and gender identities in our marketing. That idea is certainly more mainstream today, but at the time, it was disruptive, especially for a period brand. I’m very proud of that.”

lunette period cups
Lunette’s “Crushing Taboos” tees

Their latest campaign is a line of limited edition tees with taboo-crushing phrases like “This Is Our Period.,” “Fresh AF,” and “Bloody Awesome.”

25% of all proceeds go to Project Consent (a Femestella favorite!), Thirst Project, and Planned Parenthood, with each customer deciding which organization their proceeds will go to. (For reference, most brands will only give about 10% of proceeds to charity).

Of course, this is not Lunette’s first give-back campaign. Back in 2017, they partnered with fashion brand Monki to create a product line with the motto “Periods are cool. Period.” The collab worked with The Cup Foundation to donate one menstrual cup per cup sold (aka “buy one give one”).

Check out Lunette’s signature cups (which are 100% waste-free), cup cleaners, aromatherapy blends, and more on its website here.


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